Design Offers

Providing a ‘one stop shop’ for start-up businesses is our job! we want to offer new clients a fresh startup and launching of their ideas with our help and guidance! When starting up a new business there is so much to consider. Here at Iglow we want to take help take the stress out of such an important time by putting together a choice of start up packages that ensure you have everything you need to promote your new business. This feature is not available in every company like this, so we proudly say that we offer one of the best business proposals!

Being a one-stop-shop you can ensure that your logo, stationery, leaflets (including all printing) and website can all be created under one roof. Of course, we have some samples that you can see and decide if you like, or you can even design your own logo and forward it to us, so we could do the rest of the features like leaflets or a website.

Check out one of our latest design references at recycled phone cases at a good company
A professional appearance is important for a new venture to project the right message to prospective customers. If it’s created right from the off-set, it will save time and money in the long run as will eliminate the costly procedure of possibly having to have everything redesigned and printed later down the line.

Our business start up packages are affordable and cost effective and most importantly, help to reduce the stress and hard work of trying to create a professional company appearance and style yourself or through a multitude of companies which can lead to a loss in style continuity. Why should you do the hard work when we can do it for you?

Your logo, stationery and website will be fully customized to suit your business. Flexibility is an important part of our design ethic so it is important to us that you are happy with the final results. The packages shown are just an example of some of the options that we can provide. If everything you need is not listed in one of the packages, please call for a bespoke quote. If you are interested in having a business start up package designed please fill in the enquiry form below or alternatively you can contact us at or telephone 0800 2707078.