Logo Design

What makes a great logo?

What is not coincidence that often the most memorable logo designs are also the most simple in appearance. Another important factor when creating successful branding is that it needs to appeal to your particular chosen audience. Here at Iglow creative we can help you create a professional corporate identity that not only you are happy with but also communicates a positive reflection of your business. Having a unique logo will not only distinguish your company among many others, but also give you the feeling of a personal approach to every problem that you will need to solve.

Whether its an old logo that looks a little tired and needs a re-vamp or a completely new company with no existing brand image, we are here to make the process as stress free as possible.

We know how important it is to get the right representation for your business and we have professional logo designers on hand to help you achieve your visions. If you want to re-design an old logo, you can send it in several formats so we could work on it. Please do contact us about the format we will use.


A successful logo design will pay for itself quickly: a professional corporate identity can help increase sales and generally give out a better public image. Remember: first impressions count. It is better to spend a bit more on the logo that depicts your service and your style, than to have a simple and cheap one that will not be attractive to the customers.

Iglow can help to give your business the competitive edge that you need to survive and grow in today’s tough market. We have the experience you need! If you are interested in having a logo designed please fill in the enquiry form below or alternatively you can contact us at quote@iglowcreative.com or telephone 0800 2707078