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Good Graphic Design Portfolio

How To Create A Good Graphic Design Portfolio?

Do you want to know how to create a good graphic design portfolio? Well, we will give you the knowledge that you need to prepare a good portfolio to present your work in the best possible way! This article will give you several tips for creating a good graphic design portfolio for your future career, so make sure you follow all the tips we share.

Be selective about your works

The concept of sharing and presenting everything you have created is wrong. Not because some of the work is bad, but because you have better works than those in the beginning. As the time passes and you learn, you develop new ideas and you improve your skills.

Good Graphic Design

Therefore, take some time to go through the projects you have done and pick up only the best ones that you are proud of. If you do not like to work on business projects and you have done several of them earlier, then do not include these in your portfolio. Include only those that you love to work on in order to attract the clients that offer that kind of jobs and projects.

Display the variety of project types

A question for you: When you go buying clothes, do you like to see only underwear? Of course not, you would like to see t-shirts, shorts, jeans and so on. Avoid presenting only illustration works if you are able to work on different types of projects like website design or any other type.

This will attract only one group of clients who need illustration services, instead of many different ones. However, this is only if you are versatile and you can work on different types of projects. Do not forget to apply a nice and consistent background that will be appealing for visitors.

Include not more than 20 examples

No one wants to scroll endless page of your works but also no one likes to see two examples, as this does not give the confidence in your services and work. Instead of a quantity, go for quality and fear nothing. Do not go over 20 examples but also do not drop down under 10.

Graphic Design

Choose those that are eye-catching and have really innovative concepts and designs, as you want to drag the potential customers who would like to have a similar work. Use advanced web design techniques to present the projects in a cool and innovative way.

High resolution is a must

When you decide to buy a drawing for your house, do you look for the tiny details? If so, then you understand this. Graphic works must be available in HD format as the high resolution shows your work in the best possible way. Some clients will be too picky, and will zoom in to see every little detail. You never know if your client requests a physical example, so stay prepared for this. That is one of the things that young graphic designers do not pay attention to.